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I have a LG 50PS3000 plasma TV hdtv connected to sky HD satellite box.
I have just had following equipment from stepdad who passed away and would like to connect it:

Poineer VSX-808RDS Audio/Video Multichannel Receiver
Poineer DV-717 DVD Player
Topfield TF5800PVR Digital Terrestrial Receiver Personal Video Recorder
Cresta 5 speakers (cresta3 x2, cresta1 x2, crestaC x1 centre and surround

What cables do I need and where do I connect them?

The Pioneer components will connect to one other fairly easily - the DVD player's S-Video and digital audio output just connect to an available S-Video input (labeled "S In") and digital audio input on the VSX-808. Then you'll just send the S-Video output from the VSX-808 into the TV. This will get you 480i video from the DVD player (which is correct); configure the DVD player for 16:9 output if possible (and then setup whatever scaling options you like on the TV).

The speakers will connect to the VSX-808's outputs, the Cresta 3 are likely best suited to be the "Main" or "Front" speakers, while the Cresta 1 should be setup as the "Surround" speakers, and the Cresta C as the center. Just use normal speaker cable for this - something between 18-2 and 14-2 from your local hardware store will be suitable. If you're going over ~15ft I would not suggest 18-2, and would say 16-2 or higher. When it comes to layout, you want to follow a conventional Dolby Labs or THX 5.1 map, like this: (you want the 5.1 surround speaker set-up, however as the Cresta 1 speakers are not true bi/dipoles, you should place them somewhat behind you and aim them at an angle towards the TV, as opposed to firing straight across at each other).

I'm going to assume you have the SkyHD box connected via HDMI, in which case you should just connect the optical output from the TV to another optical input on the VSX-808 (to get digital audio from your HD service); or you could just connect from the SkyHD box straight to the VSX-808 (this is likely the "better" option in the event that the TV will only pass along a stereo audio signal).

This should provide you with all of the information you need about the Topfield: (you may not end up wanting to use this device, as it will not be entirely compatible with your SkyHD box and there is little point in recording DVDs that you already own).

You will likely need to change settings and configurations on the VSX-808 to set-up things like time alignment and channel leveling; do you have the owner's manual for that device?


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