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Home Theater/FIOS TV, audio static with HDMI connection


QUESTION: I have been having this problem for months and the only thing VZ tech support has done is send me a new Set Top Box (STB) each time and the problem still remains.

I have a STB+DVR in our family room which works fine. I have a second STB with my LG LHB977 home theater system which is having this issue (this is just an STB and not a DVR).

Connections for this second STB:
1. This STB Coax out is connected to an old analog TV. This works fine, no issues.
2. The HDMI out goes to my LG LHB977 DVD player plus home theater system HDMI in. This is where the problem is.

When I watch any FIOS program whether live or recorded on the main DVR, the video signal is fine but the audio has static and is raspy. I have done multiple reboots on the multiple STBs Verizon has sent me and hasnt solved the problem. I can watch DVDs, Netflix, Roku apps on this home theater system through HDMI and they have crystal clear audio, no issues. So I know the problem has to be with the Verizon STB.

Settings and things I have tried:
1. Dynamic range = none
2. Audio = surround (have tried the others mono and stereo also)
3. Volume = fixed, variable etc no impact
4. The HDMI cables are high quality with gold connectors. I have tried multiple cables, static remains.
5. I placed the STB box on an old wooden cutting board to ensure there is no other metal contact that might lead to static
6. I connected the STB audio out components (red and white) to the audio in on my home theater system and the audio was perfect

Any suggestions? It is really irritating to watch programs with audio static. There is no source of electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity other than normal ambient.

ANSWER: Have you tried pulling the coax connection? If I'm understanding your question right - it sounds like you're hunting a ground loop.


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Thanks for your answer. I did as you said and pulled out the Coax out connection from the FIOS STB (set top box). Unfortunately, no change. The audio static on the HDMI still remains.

Any other ideas?

If the signal is correct when connected as in #6, and removing the coax isn't making any change, the only thing I'd want to check is another component (not related to FIOS) with HDMI out into the entertainment system. If that doesn't have static, the issue is with Verizon's service. If connecting with stereo RCA cables works though, I'd just do that (the majority of broadcast television is in stereo anyways).


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