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I have HK avr 165, it works well, but when i connect a my wii with composite cable, i have a black screen.
I have read that the avr 154 is unable to transcode the signal, may be it's the same problem.

Can you give me your opinion.


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ANSWER: Sorry but could you provide some more information about other components in this setup and how they are connected?


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Here is the informations that you need.

First , i'm living in Belgium, so the whole setup is working with PAL, not NTSC. And that's why my english is not terrible ;-)

The home theater is a :
Harman Kardon  
Modéle AVR 165/230
APR 2012

with a tv PANASONIC  TX-32LX80FA connected with a HDMI cable.

There is a Belgacom TV (CISCO ISB 6030) and a multimédia DUNE HD MAX, both are connected on the AVR 165 with a HDMI cable.
The whole setup above is working perfectly.

The problem is with the Video 1, aux or DVD input (composite signal)on the avr 165.
If i try to connect a Nitendo WII (RVL-001) or a old video recorder with a composite cable, that don't work.
The AVR 165 don't send a signal and the tv screen stay black.
Only the sound is working.

I have try to connect the Nitendo WII directly on the TV, and there is a good signal.

I want to connect the Wii on the Avr 165 so i only use one remote for the whole setup. I hate to have three or four remote lying everywhere in the living room. :-)



Ah! Yes the 165 will not scale analog video signals up to HDMI - the easiest option would be to make an additional video out connection from the 165 to the TV (if you want everything through the 165). As far as the remote complication - that's perhaps a bit easier to address indirectly with a universal remote - I would suggest a Harmony Remote (it will greatly simplify the day-to-day of the system).


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