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Like many, I received a HTiB for Christmas (Sony BDVN790W). I have read the basic setup guide on a variety of sites, but I have not been able to find a solution to my problem. I have a semi-circular, but semi-irregular seating arrangment. The television is in the corner of the room, and I can place the front speakers at approximately ear level, but I cannot make the "Golden Triangle" without mounting the speakers on the window. I can place them, at most, five feet apart. This would make them approximately 11 feet from the seating area.

As for the surround speakers I have referenced the drawings included in the setup directions, and can place the right surround at approximately 140 degrees. I could place this one at the 90-110 degrees suggested, but I could not make the recommended height above the ear level. As for the left surround, this can be at best 110 degrees and about 3 feet above ear level. The two surround speakers are approximately 14-20 feet apart, depending on the configuration.

I realize this is not an optimal situation, but I would like to do the best with what I have. Is it best to have a rectangle with the speakers, even if this means that some of the listening area is outside of this rectangle? Is it better to have the surround speakers as close to the 90-110 degree set up, even if this results in a trapezoidal configuration? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello John,
Any recommendations or suggestions are just that. I suggest you try configuring the surround sound according to your reality.  I suggest you arrange the speakers to the best of your situation. Sit down and play a blue-ray action packed movie and see if this works for you. Please make a mental note of all sounds you hear. Then either leave it the way you arranged it or re arrange it untill you are satisfied.  There is no magic pill or one fit all solution.
I am sure you will find a great solution for your situation.  

Wishing you happy and safe holidays!!!

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