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I have a Samsung flat screen & a HD box from comcast. I have cable to the box, then HDMI cord from the Comcast box to the t.v! Then I have an optical cord from the t.v to my Yamaha receiver! The sound is pretty amazing! But the only thing I can't figure out is why the volume button on the comcast remote won't turn the t.v volume down? I have to grab the actuall t.v remote to do that! And of course I can't turn the speakers down from the remote cause there are hooked to the receiver! So i I have to get up to do that! Please help! Thanx

Hello John,
If I was you, I will first check the remote control to see if the volume control button is working. (I am assuming that rest of the functions on the remote are working and you have programmed the remote to work with your TV).
If it is not working. Then an exchange can be done with Comcast. If it is working. Then you have problems a tech must look at.  One suggestion I may make, try removing your optical cable and try remote to control volume. If volume works then re route your cable thru Comcast cable box's optical out.
Please let me know what you find.  

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