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Hello - I have a Mitsubishi HD 1080 TV where I just had the Directv disconnected.  I want to be able to get the local free channels, like PBS, CBS, etc.  When I disconnected the Directv cables from the TV, I cannot get the local channels, even if I switch to channel 3 or 4.  Any suggestions?


Based on the TV tuning to "channel 3 or 4" I'm guessing it only has an NTSC tuner (which means it can't receive anything, because NTSC broadcasting ended in the US a few years ago); you will need a DTV Transport Box to receive ATSC broadcasts (for channels like PBS). You can pick them up online for relatively little money:

You'll also need an antenna:

If the TV is relatively new, it may have an ATSC tuner that you can enable in a sub-menu; I'd need to know more about the model information to find an owner's manual and look this up though (or if you have the manual with you, it should say).


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