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I am a little confused. I have 2 DVD players, one bluray and one standard. They each have an optical input(2) as does my Denon 1712 AVR(1). In addition all have HDMI cables. I have Dish network.
How do I connect all the opitcal cables for each device as will as the HDMI cables? I want the best picture ans sound.
I also have a Samsung smart tv with HDMI outputs as well.

Firstly I think there's some confusion over terminology here:

A Blu-ray player is a separate hardware device from a DVD player, and will make a stand-alone DVD player redundant (as Blu-ray players can also play DVDs).

I also think you're likely seeing optical outputs on your players, not inputs (very few player devices have S/PDIF inputs).

There is also no need to connect the TOSlink optical cables in this system; just connect HDMI from the Blu-ray player and the Dish box to the 1712, and the 1712's HDMI output to the television (and I'm assuming the television's ports are "inputs" not "outputs" as well - HDMI/HDCP sink devices generally can not also be repeaters).

If you need further clarification or have more questions, feel free to ask.


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