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I have a bose system that has the red and white
Audio that you plug into the back of your
Blueray player to get suround sound.
I just bought a new blueray player and it has
No rca hook ups just one hdmi and nothing
Else . What can i do to to fix it where i can still
Use my bose system ? Thanks in advance

Do you have model information on the new player? (manufacturer and model) This will help me in determining what kinds of features it may or may not allow you to use.

Having said that, it sounds like you've purchased a very modern Blu-ray player, or more accurately a "Blu-ray transport" (transport denoting that all it does is "transport" digital information from the disc to an external decoder) - a device that complies with the analog sunset component of HDMI licencing, that is - it has no capacity for analog output (be it audio or video), and therefore only supports HDMI (some devices also support S/PDIF digital audio and most should also offer Ethernet for web connectivity).

Regarding connectivity to your Bose system - which specific model do you have? Bose offers a large variety of systems with different kinds of connections. If you're unsure on which model you have, Bose's support website has a "find my product" wizard, here: (it can alternately look up your product based on the serial number, if you can find that as located on the product (it will be on a sticker somewhere on at least one of the components of the system - common locations would be a control/connection module, or the Acoustimass module)). Knowing if there are other connectivity options on the device (for example many of their current receiver-less home theater systems, like the Cinemate, allow S/PDIF digital audio connections as well) will be helpful in moving forwards.

At this point, on the assumption that the new Blu-ray transport does not offer S/PDIF (as you did not mention it), the player will probably be unusable for your application - it would either need to be connected directly to the TV (and TV only), or through a device that can decode audio from HDMI (like an AV receiver or AV processor - these are not inexpensive devices, unfortunately). My advice would be to return the new device, and select something with more appropriate connectivity options that also satisfies your application needs (I'm working on the assumption that you upgraded either to replace a malfunctioning unit, or to a newer unit that supports newer features (like 3D playback or web-streaming of content)). However without more information about the specific equipment at hand, I can neither give you a definitive answer on whether or not this is absolutely required, or on what to purchase as a replacement. Depending on what all you need or want in a new player, a PlayStation 3 may be a better overall choice - it supports a lot of extended functionality beyond DVD and Blu-ray playback, and has a large number of connectivity options (including full analog output support).


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