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I want to purchase a BluRay to replace my very old DVD Player Recorder, but I am not aware of BluRay Recorders.  Is such a product available? Thank you...

As far as I'm aware, no, recorders do not exist as stand-alone machines (at least in the consumer segment). There are professionally oriented BD recorders, but they will not be as user-friendly or feature-rich as what you may expect coming from a VCR or DVD recorder (which tend to mimic VCR functionality). Additionally, capturing HD content is a somewhat touchy area - most devices will not capture via YPbPr or HDMI (those that do tend to cost substantially more than just buying the content stand-alone), and are designed to source HD content via FireWire or similar, with the intention of connecting to a camcorder or camera.

Economically, you would be much better off buying a replacement DVD recorder, and a separate Blu-ray player for playback of commercial BD discs (assuming you have an HDTV to support it; BD is of no benefit if your TV is not able to support the higher resolution video). This would cost around a third to a quarter of a pro-sumer level BD recorder (and much less than a professional level setup built around a computer), and give you better functionality (as the stand-alone Blu-ray player will likely support other consumer-oriented features like BD-Live and web streaming).

Alternately, if nothing is malfunctioning about your current equipment, just add a Blu-ray player to the mix; it will handle DVD playback (in theory reducing wear and tear on the existing recorder), and you can retain the existing recorder for its functionality. The only benefit of a new recorder (aside from a new machine) is that many of them offer hard-drives for buffering recorded content (they can capture whether or not a disc is loaded, and then transfer from the internal hard disk to a DVD at a later date).


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