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I just got a rca home theater system.  I hooked up everything up but when I put a disc in it will not read it or it says error.  I have tried many disc.  These are not burned discs i got them from red box.  I had a surround sound and dvd player and had no trouble with these disc last night.  I have the basic picture and can set up the system it just won't play the disc.  Could the dvd reader be bad just opened it up this morning.

I'll need more information about the theater system and the discs you're attempting to play - primarily, are we certain that things are "matched up" - for example if the RCA system supports DVD, are you using proper DVDs, or are you attempting to play something else, like an HD-DVD or Video CD?

Do other features of the system work correctly?  For example if it has AM/FM, does that work? Do you have any media that isn't from Red Box that you can try out with it? - perhaps the rented discs are just damaged.


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