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I've recently purchased a new home wired in the media room for spceiling speakers.  The wiring is 16/4. The wall plate behind the tv has two 16/4 wires.  It also has the subwoofer wire.  My question is since there are only two wires behind the tv and four wires coming from each of the ceiling boxes did they split the wires?  Is this bad for sound?  Will I lose signal??  Thanks joe Schefe.  Btw.  I'm a complete newbie and appreciate your help.

I'd need to further understand what you're describing - a conventional loudspeaker will need two conductors (+ and -), which 16/2 will satisfy as long as the length is within appropriate limits (if this was done by an electrician assume it's all correct/compliant). 16/4 would allow two speakers per bundle, or heavier power draw (ganging two conductors per side), depending on how its routed.

If the wall-plate has two 16/4 sets (a total of 8 conductors) you are probably wired for more than stereo in-ceiling speakers.

Do you have any documentation for this, or at the bare minimum is any of it color-coded so you can match conductors to wiring points?


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