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QUESTION: I cannot get my Xbox and Tv both connected to this system. Have tried everything.We have a Hisense LCD LTDN46V86US....and Xbox 360. We go dvd working and the stereo..but cant get the other two connected. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

ANSWER: I'm having trouble locating an owner or service manual for your television - can you tell me what kinds of inputs it offers, and how you currently have things connected to it?

How are you attempting to connect the Xbox360? And finally, do you have a cable (or satellite) box in this system?


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Back of tv
Back of tv  

QUESTION: Ok...the back of the tv looks like this...

You'll want to connect "component video out" from the Panasonic system to the TV's component video input (no audio connection is required; as the Panasonic provides its own speakers and decoding). Configure the Panasonic's output for progressive 16:9 video.

You'll want to then connect the Xbox's HDMI output to an HDMI input on the telvision, and the digital audio output from the television to the digital audio input on the Panasonic. The diagram you provided leads me to believe the TV outputs coaxial S/PDIF, which will require a converter, like this:

It will convert the coaxial output from the TV to the optical input the Panasonic requires. This should allow you to monitor both audio from the Xbox, and the television's DTV receiver.


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