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QUESTION: I have a Samsung UN55EH6050F flat screen tv with a Direct TV satelite system and a Sony Blu-Ray home theater system BDVT79. Can I route the tv audio though the Sony home theater system, and if so how, or if that's not possible can I connect  additional speakers to the Samsung (or the Direct TV receiver) and still have the sony connected to the Direct TV receiver box? Thank you for any help you can provide.

ANSWER: Do you specifically need audio from the television (more specifically, from the built-in tuner), or do you just want audio from the Direct TV system? Additionally, what kinds of outputs does the Direct TV box offer you?


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QUESTION: Thanks for responding. The Direct TV under the title Audio Out has an HDMI cable which is currently connected to an "HDMI in" on the tv. Next to the HDMI port on the Direct TV box is a second port with the letters SATA under it.

At this point I can really only suggest connecting the Sony system to the TV's audio output, via the digital audio output (this will require a TOSlink S/PDIF cable) to the Sony system's digital audio input. This document ( from Sony provides illustrations of the connections to make (part "2" - the optical digital connection).


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