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I have a Samsung rear projection tv.  As I was going up the channels it froze and would not respond to any buttons on the set, or the remote.  I unplugged it and waited, then plugged it in and it would not turn on although there was power.  I replaced the lamp.  It worked for about 5 minutes, then the same thing happened - froze when I was going up the channels then would not get a picture again.  When I turn it on after disconnecting and reconnecting it makes the sound that it is powering on but then does nothing.  Grey screen and non responsive.  Also hear a slight buzz.  Any clue what might be happening here?  TYSM.

Quite frankly, while I commend you for troubleshooting the problem, the short version of my reply is that it's time to buy a new TV.

The longer answer is that it sounds like the control board for the television is gone, and while in principle this could be replaced, television repair is a more or less non-existent service in contemporary times, and what does exist for "service" is dramatically overpriced (and generally just serves to prey on users who would prefer to repair than to replace their equipment (the unfortunately reality is that modern equipment is not designed to be repaired)). Furthermore, even if this were not the case (or if you're lucky enough to live in an area that still has a genuine repair shop hanging on), rear projection TVs have almost zero resale value (regardless of how good the set was brand new, or how much it cost - along with CRTs they've completely tanked on the used market in the face of flat-panel displays), which means it isn't an economically wise choice to repair one (because you will never get the money back out, and the repair cost could very likely buy you a brand new set).

Sorry that I couldn't provide a more "hopeful" response, it's just the unfortunate state of the consumer electronics industry (things are just designed to be replaced or refurbished, not repaired). My best advice for this set would be to dispose of it through a proper recycling channel; many municipalities provide information about this kind of service through a community resource board or community website.

One upside is, depending on the age and design of your television, a newer TV should have much better off-axis performance, as well as better contrast.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


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