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Between these two TVs, which one is the better buy? (The smart TV aspect is a plus, but not a necessity as I already have an apple TV box that can be hooked up to non-smart/wifi TVs)

This one:

Or this one:

They'll be more or less identical from a functional perspective, especially with the AppleTV. I'd go with the Best Buy purchase though, because you can likely buy it locally (assuming you live near a Best Buy location) and it will be supported locally (that is, if you get a dud, you don't have to eat a hefty return shipping charge to get it replaced). I'd also add that the Newegg link is not actually a product sold by Newegg, it's sold by a third-party, and I would strongly caution you to avoid such transactions (both on Newegg and Amazon), unless you know the third-party is a quality dealer (for example Bose Corporation has a storefront on Amazon). And finally, the Best Buy option costs less and is not a refurbished unit.

The Insignia therefore seems like a safer bet, and once the AppleTV is factored in, will be no different in terms of performance.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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