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Sorry, I will clarify my ?.  I have a HDtV cable dvr box, and I was wondering if a DTA box for the other rooms would be better than a Digital box as secondary for my cable service to the other TVs?  I know I won't get any HD channels, but which one would be better for connecting my DVR/VCR devices in the other room? Or na?

I'm sorry but I still do not understand your question. If you could clarify on a few points:

1) What are you attempting to do with your HDTV and/or HDTV receiver? How is this equipment currently connected?

2) What other "DVR/VCR devices" are involved with this system? How are they currently connected (and to what)? What do you need that hardware to do?

3) Do you have pre-existing DTV receivers or were you meaning to purchase them presently? I ask because DTV receivers have gone up considerably in price, while becoming relatively scarce on the market (and coupons are no longer available); however as cable service providers (e.g. Comcast) have switched to all-digital broadcasting, they tend to offer inexpensive "digital transport" hardware to allow the traditional broadcast (network television and other must carry channels) to be accessible to hardware that lacks QAM or ATSC tuners. Generally this hardware comes with a small monthly lease fee (nominal compared to a conventional HDTV or digital cable receiver).

If you can clarify what you're attempting to hook up, and what you presently have (and how it is connected), that will allow me to address your inquiry.


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