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QUESTION: Hi. I have a TV and I have two different things i would like to connect to it. I have a roku and a vcp-dvd machine. Only problem is, I have to disconnect one to play the other. I think I might need a different cable or switch box. Can you tell me what I need to buy? I am including links to the owners manuals.

Dvd player

Tv 14f514t (could not find exact manual online, this is the one it gives me when I search. It only has connectors in back, not front or sides.)

Thank you, I hope you can help me.

ANSWER: How are things presently connected? (What kind of connections are you using, etc) What connections are available on each device at present? This information will be essential for me to be able to provide you with advice.


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QUESTION: The cables that are in use now are a three cable thing, with red, white and yellow ends. The roku has a special cable, with one silver end for the roku, and it branches out to the three color thing. I unplug the three things in back of the tv when I change to watching a dvd to roku. I have been looking at a/v switches at walmart and best buy, but I don't really know that much about it and I don't want to buy the wrong thing.  it would only let me upload two pictures. The back of the roku looks just like it does in the book though. it is a roku 2

You can get a simple A/V switch that will allow both devices to be connected as they are presently, and everything will work as it does now. Something like this:

At Wal-mart this item would be comparable:

Remember that you will need an additional cable to make this connection (each device uses one cable to the switch, and the switch needs a cable to the TV). You can buy such a cable for a few dollars on Amazon: (Amazon isn't the only option - you can also use Monoprice or look at Wal-mart for such a cable; my primary advice would be to avoid spending an unruly sum on such a cable).

You'll connect each device's cables to the switch's "inputs" and then one of the switch's "outputs" to the TV.


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