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I have a Phillips blu ray/home theater and an lg TV.  I have recently lost the remote for the TV.  So my question is, can i link the Phillips remote to run the lg TV?? And if so, how?

You would have to consult the owner's manual for the Philips system, assuming the remote it included has such functionality (e.g. is a universal remote of sorts). From there you will have to locate the correct code (which is provided by the remote's manufacturer - that is, it will appear in the Philips documentation) for the TV.

If either the remote/documentation doesn't support this feature, or the remote does not provide sufficient control options, I would suggest a universal remote to control everything - Logitech Harmony would be my first suggestion, as they are very easy to program, and support a very large number of devices. If the cost is an issue, however, Sony's Remote Commander series of remotes are generally very good as well, if somewhat awkward to program.


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