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QUESTION: I would like to buy a USB type DVD writer for my desktop. Whether this DVD writer can be connect to a USB port of home theater system and LED TV, please advice.


ANSWER: This is, unfortunately, not possible - USB-based external DVD drives do exist, but you cannot connect them to your television or home theater system, as the USB ports on those devices are not compatible with the functionality you would need. Such drives are for use with computers only. If you need to record video to DVD from your television, a DVD recorder is what you should look into purchasing - Magnavox makes a few very good models that also include internal hard-drives.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick reply. I need few clarifications over this issue. I would like to use this USB type DVD writer as a playback instrument only for a home theater, like movie viewing and listning of songs. My question is when most of the music system having USB type connectivity, is that only for pen-drive use or external DVD drive can also be used.


Again, this is not possible. In general USB ports on home theater devices exist for things like providing firmware updates for the device, and in some cases to connect flash drives or other mass storage devices (sometimes a hard-drive can be connected), but not disc playback or other peripherals. In order to play back DVD-Video you will need a DVD player, HD-DVD player, or Blu-ray player; all of those devices can also play CD-Audio.


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