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I bought this adapter

Could you please guide me in details, how to connect this?  From " the player "  (Blue ray? ) to the analog Sony receiver that I bought - exactly from what connection to which connection?

"And then you would need to configure the player's output to PCM via S/PDIF, as opposed to Bistream or Legacy Bitstream. The adapter would connect to the player's digital audio output, and then to one of the analog inputs on the Sony receiver"

I installed the new Sony HD TV and found out my dish receiver ( Dish Network) isn't for HD. It is not a good picture because of this and written words are distorted.  Do you know if there is a generic HD receiver I can buy and own to use with my choice of Dish Network or another provider in the future?   

Thank you again very much,   Gabriel

ANSWER: Which player did you get? (It'll be easiest to know this because I can just find the user's manual and go from that to help you specifically).

Without that specific information, generically here's what you'll need to do:

Go into the Blu-ray player's configuration menu, find the audio configuration sub-menu (probably labeled something like "Audio" or "Sound") and then find "Digital Output" and make sure it's set to PCM. You'll connect coaxial or toslink (optical) from the player's output (whichever the player has) to the corresponding input on the D3. And then connect the left/right analog outputs on the D3 to an input on the Sony (pick whatever you like as long as it's labeled "In" - if you want things to "match" there is an input labeled BD/DVD).

As far as the Dish set - no there is no stand-alone device. You would need to contact the service provider and upgrade to HD service, which will likely entail both a new box, and additional charges every month for the higher quality service. What kinds of connectivity options does your current box offer though? And how is it being connected to the TV? It may be that you can make a higher quality SD connection that will improve picture quality without needing new hardware.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I believe that you said that I need this adapter ( already have it( from the analogue receiver to the Blue ray.

The adapter is  FiiO D3 (D03K) Digital to Analog Audio Converter With Micca 6ft Optical Toslink Cable - 192kHz/24bit Optical and Coaxial DAC

The Receiver is  Sony STRDH130 2 channel stereo receiver.  

The Blue ray is  Sony BDP-BX320

If you could please direct me exactly as per how to connect this adapter - from where to where

The TV is   Sony 60" 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV KDL-60W610B

The speakers are  Sony SS-F6000

As per the standard non HD TV receiver, it was provided by Dish-network, our provider, about 12 years ago.  It has a satellite dish on the roof, from there,   a cable runs into the receiver and from the receiver it is connected to the TV.  If there is  a generic non expensive way of getting one, good.  Otherwise, they want me to purchase it from them...  I I know that many other  companies such as Direct TV and others ( I checked) do not provide anymore non HD receivers.  Only HD receivers.  So I don't feel it is right from them to charge me for that... Just in case you know a way...

And, again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH,     Gabriel

ANSWER: No there is no way to get an HD receiver for Dish without purchasing/leasing/etc one from them, and it is very standard practice to have to pay an additional equipment and service fee (even cable providers like Comcast will charge this). Don't worry, they aren't doing anything fraudulent here. Understand that you aren't just asking them for a "new box" - you're asking them for a service upgrade. This is because it isn't just a matter of getting a box with HD outputs, but also having much higher-bandwidth HD signals being sent into it. If your receiver equipment is very old as well, that may also need an upgrade to handle the HD signal, which may also be part of the cost.

On the connection for the adapter, you will need to connect from the digital output on the player (in the owner's manual refer to page 15, Step 1: Connecting the player), to the coaxial digital input on the adapter. Then connect the adapter's stereo left/right analog outputs to stereo inputs on the receiver (and you can pick the BD/DVD input if that makes it easiest to keep straight what input the BD player is assigned to). Then you will need to make some minor configuration changes on the player - refer to page 30 of the manual for this. You need to access the setup menu, go to the audio menu, and select PCM for the digital output, as opposed to Auto. Selecting "stereo" under downmix would also be advisable. If you don't have the owner's manual for the player, it is available online:

The player will also need an HDMI connection to the TV for video.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I just wanted to make sure that I did it correctly.

I connected the Adapter - one end to the A/C ( electric wall) the other side I inserted  2 cables - red and white and connected the other side of these 2 ref and white cable ( that ends in kind of a HDMI connection, into the back of the Dish Network HD receiver.

Is this correct?  
Also, whenever I tried to mute the TV ( connected now to the Sony SSF6000 speakers) the mute, using one remote will not work n the Dish remote   ...  Just in case you may have a quick idea...  

Do I need any HDMI cable from the TV into the receiver?   Speakers do work now...  

Thank you again,    Gabe

I don't understand what you have connected; can you please clarify how things are connected? AllExperts will allow you to upload pictures or diagrams if that helps you to explain.

You will take an optical or coaxial connection from the Blu-ray player to the digital adapter, and then the red/white connections from the digital adapter to the stereo receiver. The Dish box is not at all involved in that connected - it should have its own stereo left/right outputs (which will take a stereo red/white cable from the Dish box to the stereo receiver). The Dish box will need an HDMI connection to the TV, but nowhere else.

The speakers will connect to the stereo receiver, and that is where you will control volume, set mute, and so forth. The Dish remote will only be able to control the Dish receiver. It may support a mute feature on the receiver (some set-top boxes can mute their outputs), or it may not. Volume, tone, etc control will be through the stereo receiver connected to the speakers. The TV only needs to be turned on/off and switched among inputs for whichever device is desired to be used (Dish, Blu-ray, etc).


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