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Home Theater/Which one is the best 4K blu-ray player software?


4K blu-ray is just arriving, so is there any good player software for 4K blu-ray playback?

There is no "4K Blu-ray" - it is currently a proposed standard that will not be released until sometime in later 2015 at the earliest. As such, there exists no player software or hardware that presently supports it. Once the standard is released, player software will likely become available. Based on what's currently available for Blu-ray playback, Corel is likely the best place to begin looking. However if 4K is your goal, I would ensure that the rest of the computer is up to the task - a 4K monitor, graphics hardware that supports 4K output and accelerated decoding, and a Blu-ray drive that can handle the new 4K discs (as such I would wait to purchase this component until the standard is finalized to ensure compatibility).


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