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Home Theater/combo of DVD Blue ray and receiver ?


Hello again

I tried to find a combo which will include - receiver/amp/tuner, and DVD blu ray, in one unit. I could not find any.    Are there any ?  If yes, could you suggest a few? say up to $300 or around $400 I am short on space on this little antique furniture...

Thank you very much,    Gabriel

Yes, there are such devices. Something like this fits inside your budget:

The speakers are fairly compact, and the "base station" (which includes the Blu-ray player) is no larger than a standard-size player machine. The subwoofer should be placed on the floor, but can be tucked behind furniture or wherever is convenient. Then place the satellite speakers on the cabinet and in the rear by your seating area, for the 5.1 effect. You may have to buy some extra wire to extend the length for the surround speakers, but that's fairly cheap (just go to a hardware store and get 16-2, it shouldn't be more than a few dollars unless you're running hundreds of feet).


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