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Sorry, forgot to answer you.  The antique is an old furniture that our current old TV is sitting on.  It is 17" x 42".  We do not want to have another furniture for the new TV that we are going to order soon (current one is an old 27" the heavy big one ). This why we want to have some compact set.  I hope that we can have some receiver that will not be too tall as it will probably but not for sure will have to be in front of the new TV.  The current one (dvd player)  is on TOP of the TV..   Still, wife do not want wireless speakers.  Have to go with her.  

Thank you very much again.    Gabriel

Given your desire for a compact system, I wouldn't even go with a micro shelf system - a soundbar will integrate everything into one module (the speaker itself), and still provide an improved listening experience over the TV's speakers. I would suggest looking at Vizio, Yamaha, or Sony (and I can't suggest a specific model off-handedly because they're generally sized to the TV - you generally would want to ensure you're purchasing a soundbar that won't be too large for the TV).

Alternately, you may consider some of the Bose compact speaker/theater systems, like these two:

In both cases you'd have to add a DVD/Blu-ray player, but if you already have a player I don't see any reason you couldn't re-use it unless it's connectivity options are incompatible with the new TV. If you have to get a new player, there are many compact options (like the Sony I previously linked).

Feel free to post a follow-up if you have any other questions or need clarification.


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