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I have a cable box connected with HDMI into a new LG 42inch LED tv.
There is an older (7-8yrs) Panasonic Home Theatre system receiver/5 disc DVD player. Will the tv be able to send an audio signal via arc to the receivers 1 HDMI out and the receiver process it? Thanks in advance for your response, Greg

The receiver likely does not support ARC (you'd need to check with the user's manual, however I'm going to venture that it doesn't based on its age; ARC is an HDMI 1.4 feature, which was not introduced until 2009), and if it did, ARC would not work in that manner - the devices are not a "uniform network" across inputs/outputs; ARC allows audio to return to the same input, primarily to support audio from antenna reception. This diagram explains:

And more data from HDMI Licencing:

Essentially, even if your components supported ARC, the TV could not send the audio from the cable box connected to one of its HDMI inputs to a device connected to another HDMI input. You will need to connect the cable box's audio separately to the Panasonic system (or use the TV's audio output).


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