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QUESTION: I recently purchased an older denon dvd player solely to use as a
sacd player since it has sacd built in hareware. It does not have
HDMI hookup but does have a fiber optical audio port. Currently I
have a Samsung home theater system with one HDMI out and two HDMI in. I have home theater HDMI out to a Samsung HDTV in to
receive 5.1 sound on HD blu-ray movies. I have a fiber optical
cable from home theater to HDTV. There is only 1 port on home
theater for a fiber optical cable hookup. If I dis-connect optical cable from HDTV and connect it to denon unit to get 5.1
audio sound, will the HDMI cable produce 5.1 audio for movies?
Thank You Kindly.

ANSWER: Multi-channel SACD cannot be carried over TOSlink (fiber optics), you will need to connect the player via 5.1 analog connections if it does not have HDMI capabilities. As far as your other connections, if no audio is needed from the TV (e.g. the TV isn't used for receiving broadcast services, or for network services) there is no reason to have an audio connection from the TV back to the home theater system.

Do you have model information about the specific Denon player you have purchased?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for your answer. I Have a Denon DVD-2200 Model.
A Samsung HT-6600 Home Theater Model. Samsung has component video with
aux for analog rca 2.1 audio. I have component and audio going to hdtv
so I could access denon setup for sacd usage. I thought TOSlink was
used for 5.1 sound. Looks like my only option is hookup rca red
white 2.1 from denon to samsung ht. Will denon software convert 2.1
audio to 5.1 audio? Denon is setup for multi-channel. If denon unit
has restrictions preventing 5.1 audio with samsung ht, is there a stand
alone sacd player on the market to work w/ my home theater system?
Once again thank you kindly.

ANSWER: No there is no stand-alone SACD system that will transmit lossless audio correctly to your system (modern players can do DSD via HDMI, but it requires a specialized receiver (which also supports DSD decode)). As far as TOSlink - it can carry 5.1, but not the 5.1 DSD stream from SACD; it will carry 5.1 as Dolby Digital or DTS.

As far as other connections - connecting the stereo left/right out (not 2.1; 2.0) will provide stereo playback from discs on the Denon. Many SACDs are not 5.1 content, so stereo discs will not be "missing" anything, and 5.1 content will be played back as stereo.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks again Bob. Looks like I struck out with sacd sound on my samsung
home theater. One final attempt to try and make my home theater sound
better. I have a RCA Pro-sw200p subwoofer that has audio left/right rca
audio port on the back. My samsung 6600 home theater has aux audio ports
on it. If I connect these 2 units will my home theater work with the
powered sub instead of the passive sub that came with the original samsung
system? I hate to keep bothering you so this will be my final ?Q?. Thanks
again for all your help!!!
Tom Jackson

P.S. Just trying to get my system to sound better than original.

No - the auxiliary ports on the Samsung are inputs, not outputs. So if you connected the two together you would have no signal (they're both input connections), although you may get some buzzing/noise from the subwoofer. Those inputs, however, can be connected to the Denon player's left/right stereo output.

Generally this is the biggest limitation of home-theatar-in-a-box systems - they aren't very modular or upgradable, and to change even simple components (like the subwoofer) you tend to have to replace the entire system as a consequence. That isn't to say such systems are bad - many of them sound quite good, but they are still limited.


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