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Hello Bob

To your question, I returned the Sony TV as it had some pixalations (this was Dish Network technician  observation as he changed the Dish to a newer HD box) - some small blurry areas  and also blurry when fast moving pictures..
I got the Samsung TV  Samsung 60" Class (60.0" Diag.) 1080p Smart LED HDTV UN60H6300AFXZA - MUCH better.  Better sound from TV speakers (Sony was not acceptable at all), better picture and colors, even better remote control design and feel.   Everything works fine now.  Thank you very much again.  
Also, I called Sony for tech help. This was a foreign country tech support.  I was disconnected at their end, in the middle of questions, THREE different times in about 14 hours time. I emailed their web site esupport.sony.com explaining this and so far received no answer.  I emailed them before returning the TV but that was the last nail..  
Also, is there any one good universal remote control that can control the Samsung TV, Sony Blue Ray player, and the Sony receiver that speakers are connected to?  It is not easy switching between 4 of them ...  

In case you are knowledgeable in Windows 7 and keyboards, I have another case.  You were so professional that I am asking, just in case..
I have a Logitech keyboard G510S.  This keyboard has LCD display that shows the current CPU and RAM among time, etc.  Recently, after working perfectly fine for several months, the LCD display will freeze, will not give anymore info and will stay at the last info, say, CPU 2% RAM 33%.This happens each time  AFTER the computer is recovering from a stand by position. Typing keys are fine.  Keys that control the LCD display won't work.   Unplugging the KB USB and re plugging it, and all is fine again.    I tried this KB on my laptop and it is working fine. I tried changing  USB ports, same.  Uninstalling and re installing the KB program did not solve it either. Changed the time period in Power Option, Power Plans, Turn off display and Sleep, same.   This is not a hardware problem but the way that the KB software is engaging with Windows 7.  In case you have a suggestion please let me know.

Again thank you very much for your help.

Sincerely,   Gabriel

Yes, that sounds like a good call on replacing the TV. Samsung makes very good displays in my experience, so it should be no problem. As far as a universal remote - Logitech Harmony is still generally the top pick. They offer a variety of models, and I would generally go with one of the "higher" tier models as they can support more total devices (all Harmony remotes can download codes from the same library, but the higher end devices can control systems with up to 15 different components, whereas some of the cheaper units only control 4-5 components).

Is it safe to assume the audio and video configuration for your new system is properly working, and that you have proper sound from the Sony receiver + speaker system as desired?

Regarding the keyboard - it does sound like an issue with the keyboard's software not properly adjusting when the computer enters and exits standby power state. It would require an update on Logitech's part to fix this problem, assuming there isn't a conflict with how Windows is handling something (and given that the issue appeared after time working, it may be a conflict between an update for Windows and the Logitech software). The "quick fix" would be to simply turn the machine off when it isn't in use (which will reduce power consumption), or live with having to reconnect the keyboard to cycle the display.


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