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Hello Bob

I hope it is the last time ( anyhow for this subject) that I am bothering you..

Yep, I used the wrong cables.  The reason I did, is that on the adapter
I saw coaxial printed on the back.  I assumed I should use coaxial cables.  Now I connected  from the adapter  red and white into the Sony receiver  BD/DVD red and white.    This leaves one hole in the adapter ( there are 3 in total) unused.  and, plugged the adapter in the AC electricity. Still, at the adapter side, the connection of the 2 red and white cables is not full tight.  Light pulling and cables are out...if you have anything to advise here, please.  

This is my Sony receiver    S
I also have at the back of the Sony receiver these
Video, BD/DVD, SAT, MD/Tape, SA-CD/CD

I have HDMI running from one of the TV HDMI ports into the Dish Network (internet provider box) as per Dish.    Now TV works, and so are the speakers.  Sorry to ask again, but did I connect all correctly?  

Also,  what is the EXACT purpose of adding this adapter?  Is it converting the system to stereo?  Please explain. Still not clear to me.  

And last, I heard that it is good idea to put something soft under the speakers when you have hard surface ( we have tiles).   Is it true and if  indeed true, what would you have put under the speakers?  

Thanks again,  Sorry if it's taking so long..

Sincerely,   Gabriel

Just to clarify, because I fear we're working at two issues and potentially talking past one another:

- The Dish HD box will need an HDMI connection to the TV, and it will also need a red/white connection to the Sony receiver (I'm assuming the Dish HD box has all of these connections available, as that's pretty standard for most cable/satellite boxes). This will get the speakers via the Sony receiver working, and the TV showing your picture.

- The Blu-ray player, based on the model you selected previously, needs an HDMI connection to the TV, however it cannot make a red/white connection to the Sony receiver (which means no audio goes to the receiver/speakers). The Fiio adapter is bridging that gap - it's allowing the Blu-ray player's "coaxial digital" connection to be converted to the red/white cables that the Sony receiver needs to connect. In more technical terms, the Blu-ray player does not provide an analog audio output, and the Sony receiver does not provide digital audio input; the Fiio is converting a digital audio signal to an analog audio signal to allow them to be connected.

Regarding the speakers, that's generally a good suggestion under two circumstances:

- If the speakers may cause scratches to the hard floor (or may be scratched by the hard floor).

- If the speakers rattle or vibrate (which in extreme cases can actually cause them to move; think of an unbalanced washing machine) on the hard floor.

If neither of those is a problem, you have nothing to worry about. If either of those is a concern, I would use anything that's appropriate for moderately heavy furniture - you can put stick-on felt pads (like you would on a table or chair) on the bottom corners of the speaker, or place them upon a towel or small rug, or whatever else works with your decor that will not be damaged by the weight of the speakers themselves.


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