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Hello Bob


I tried to connect from the blue ray to the adapter ( as you instructed to do previously)  using the enclosed digital cable that came with the adapter.  From the adapter - no problem.  But I can not see any place to connect it in the Sony blue Ray.  I just see in the back it says - under the orange coronet/hole
Digital out

But can not plug there the digital cable or the coaxial one.  

Could you please guide me here?

Thank you,   Gabe

If I'm not mistaken, you purchased the Fiio D3, which includes an optical cable (the ends look like glass, not metal). If I remember correctly the model Sony blu-ray player you purchased only had a coaxial digital output - so you would need to connect that to the coaxial digital input on the adapter. See my previous reply for an explanation of the cabling nomenclature. The optical cable will not be used here (there is no functional difference between coaxial or optical connections in this context).


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