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My Onkyo receveir sound went out completely form the head phone input to the surround output in back. I have replaced 2 12amp slow blow fuses as well as 1 7amp slow blow. I do not have any change to the sound. I still have picture to my projector just no sound. My Onkyo is a TX-NR609, is there any suggestions for me. Thanks in advance.

I have a few questions,  

-Did the unit have power to the front panel before the fuses where replaces?

- Do you have power to the front panel with new fuses?

-We're the fuses blown?

-What input are you using for your 3.5mm input (headphone input)? If it is the connection on the front that is a setup mic (page 31 of the user manual link below) input used to configure the souround sound system. I would recomend using a 3.5mm to RCA male connetor and plugging into the "TV/CD" input on the rear of the unit. Please follow the following link for 3.5mm to RCA cable

Onkyo user manual found here


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