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Home Theater/Auxiliary Speaker Connections to a Denon AVR-2700


I would like to connect a Niles SS-4 speaker selection system to a Denon AVR-2700 to control auxiliary mounted speakers.  Either the manual for the surround receiver and speaker switch are not real clear on connections.  

What auxiliary output from the Denon can be used to the input amp on the switch?  Or can the Denon be utilized for this application?

Any help would be appreciated!


The Denon AVR-2700 does not appear to support multi-zone either through its internal amplifiers or through pre/line-out connections. The speaker selector could not be used for a multi-zone configuration with this receiver, as a result. You would need to buy different equipment at some level (e.g. a multi-zone receiver, separate systems for each alternate room, a new AVR and multi-zone amplifier, etc) to achieve a multi-room/multi-zone system.


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