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Mr. Khan,

Thank you very much for your time, I will try to be as through and concise as possible.

1.  What is the best type of tv to buy?  HD? plasma? LCD /LED? Flat or curve, smart, combos of them?  I read something about the OLED is the future?  To make life really easy for you do you know of a site I can go to to figure this all out.  I tropically use cnet and love them but still is a bit over my head

2. Speakers?  Sound bar? Speaker? Like a bar and better?  What do you suggest?  And if you don't mind I certainly would love for you to even rec. a brand.

3. TV wise is there a size that gets to big to?
4.  Do you or have you had success with onwe type of manufacture?  Or mixing manufacture?
5. Might you know best time of the year to buy this stuff?
6.  Should I wait for a certain time of year that's better to buy than others?
rwrqelp and give me your input, it is greatly appreciatged!Ltiffgfg.

Hello Christopher,
Best television at the moment is 4K which is ultra high defination. Sony and Samsung are my choices.
Speakers, depends on your choice. I have Sony home theater system. Sound bars are also good. Some mimic surround sound and and some have great audio frequency coverage. Should you decide to buy one. Make sure it has a powered sub woofer. Sony has some good ones. Bose also makes great systems.
Size of the TV depends on you and the viewing space you have. Average household has a TV not larger than 42-52 inches.
I prefer Sony. Having said that, you should choose a TV that has local after the sale support.
Thanksgiving to new year is the best time to buy. New models are arriving in March and manufacturers are discounting existing stock.
Thanks any good luck.

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