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Hi there

I have this Genius  speakers SP-HF1800A   set of speakers connected to my computer.  Only one of them, the main one with the volume control etc. has sound.  The other one  does not.  If I switch the red connector into the white connector, (eliminating the white connector) I will have ONLY sound from the right speaker, the one that had no sound.  But than, the first speaker the one with the volume control, will have no sound.  Is it that I have to get a new set of wires or, is there something I can do with the OS - Windows 7?   

Thank you,   Gabe

Sounds like the wiring or connection is bad if I'm understanding correctly. If either speaker can be made to work by switching wiring, I'd just look to replace the wiring if possible. If the issue were in Windows, it would follow one "channel" (that is, left would always not work, no matter what speaker you tried to send left to, for example), and if one of the speakers were blown it would always fail to work.


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