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Hi there thanks for your time basicly iv set up my speakers its all up and running my problem is the DVD player which is a Sony master model it keeps flashing up on the screen TRAY LOCKED iv had it over a year but barely use it +it cost me a smaall fortune when I did buy it but any help on this matter would be gratefully accepted as my wife will hit the roof she didn't want it so please any help on this matter

Do you have a specific model # for the DVD player? What it sounds like has happened is the "child proofing" lock has been enabled, which is keeping the disc tray closed. There's likely either a combination of keys or a key you need to hold for 5-10 seconds to unlock this, and with the specific model # you could look that up in the owner's manual (if you have the owner's manual see if it mentions a "child lock" or "child safety" feature).

Alternatively, you may be able to defeat this by unplugging the player and letting it sit for a few hours, and when you plug it back in it should be reset. I can't give any more specific advice without more specific information about the player in question.


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