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QUESTION: I'm hoping you can answer this or point me in the right direction as to who might be able to help me.  Currently have TWC and each TV has the DVR.  One TV has an XBox but according to TWC employees, in order to use the Xbox I have to disconnect the cables to the DVR and reconnect to the Xbox.  When done, I would have to disconnect the cables from the Xbox then reconnect to the DVR.  Just a PITA if I want to use the Xbox multiple times during the day!  Any ideas?

ANSWER: I'd be happy to help, but I'll need a little bit of clarification in order to do so:

- Which model of Xbox are you attempting to use? The original Xbox (released in 2001), the Xbox 360 (released in 2005), or the Xbox One (released in 2013). These consoles have different connectivity capabilities and requirements, and in the case of the Xbox One can actually accommodate an HDMI device as an input, allowing the console to be "in-line" with something like an HDTV tuner. If you aren't using an Xbox One (which only offers HDMI connectivity), how are you attempting to connect either the original Xbox or Xbox 360? (each offers multiple different kinds of connections).

- What connectivity options does the TWC box offer? What are you currently using?

- What kinds of inputs does the TV offer?

In response to TWC's suggestion, unless the TV only offers a single input I can't see why that would be necessary. And even if the TV only offers a single input, you could get an input switch to allow multiple devices to share that input without having to plug and re-plug cabling. However it is impossible to say exactly what you need without knowing more about how these devices are connecting together, or what options they offer for connection, hence the above questions.


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QUESTION: Hello and thank you for your reply.

Xbox is 360 with Kinect
DVR has Six inputs (Y, PB, PR, Video, L, R) HDMI Out, Cable, and USB
TV has Six inputs like the DVR and 2 Cable

I've attached a pic of the DVR and TV

Just to clarify, YPbPr is a single input/output (it uses all three connectors for one, high quality signal). Either connect that for the DVR (you can use the existing yellow/white/red cables - the coloring is just plastic dye at the end points, the internal wiring is equivalent; alternately you can buy color-coded wires if you prefer), or connect the Xbox 360 via YPbPr (which may require a component video adapter kit for it, depending on what cables you have). Without more information about the specific TV, it's hard to say what its capabilities are, but as it lacks HDMI it may not support HD resolutions (currently it is not hooked up in a way that can support HDTV; the single yellow video connection (known as CVBS) cannot carry HD signals). YPbPr can support HDTV resolutions up to 1080i depending on the devices, but many older TVs offered it as a high quality alternative to CVBS while still only supporting SD resolution (480i); this doesn't mean it's a bad thing - it will still provide better picture quality.

One thing to consider, which isn't readily apparent from the photographs, is the TV may share that audio input (the red/white right/left input) between both video connectors, so you may need a switch there if you're using both video inputs. Alternately, the TV may have another audio connector on the side or in another location (it may be a 3.5mm headphone jack - you can adapterize that to RCA (the cabling you currently have) very cheaply)).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


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