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I donít suppose you know of a portable 3D DVD or blueray player that plays stereoscopic video on the screen? I have been experimenting with 3D files and want to test results. And if it plays .ISO files all the better.

I can't say that I'm aware of any portable "laptop style" (or "clamshell style") 3D Blu-ray players, however Sony has offered a range of 3D-compatible head-mounted displays that support 3D for some time, such as this one: however it does not include the actual Blu-ray player or what-have-you (but if you have a laptop that can do 3D output it would probably work quite well as a mobile solution, as long as there's a common interface option betwixt the two of them, and you have appropriate playback software/media on the computer, and the computer meets the performance requirements associated with 3D playback).


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