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Trying this again, hopefully I'll be more clear this time. :)

Trying to purchase a TV. I've got 2 TV's both offered at $1299.99 Canadian. 2 different models from different years. I've included links below so you can have a look. Just trying to figure out which one is the better buy. From what I can tell the JU6500 has more ports, possibly better audio (I think?), and bluetooth. While the KU6290 has more Smart featured, a digital audio out port, and HDMI Quick Switching.

Let me know what you think is the better buy. The links are below.

Apart from the extra HDMI input on the JU6500 I'm not seeing any significant differences - both are 4K displays, both offer 4K upscaling, both offer digital and analog audio outputs, and both are essentially the same size/dimensions, and list similar power requirements. The JU6500 mentions a picture-in-picture mode, however the utility of such may not be so great (as in, picture-in-picture is, for most users, more of a gimmick than a deal-breaking feature). If you can evaluate either/both displays in person, that's always my suggestion, as seeing how it looks to the eye is ultimately one of the best ways to determine picture quality. At the same price, I'm honestly not seeing any big incentives one way or another, but my inclination is towards the newer/revised/updated model, or to see the "older" model at a discounted price.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


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