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I am 23 year old student at Penn State University originally from Slovakia. I am feeling very ill and doctors can't figure out what is wrong with me. I had an unprotected sex after which a lesion appeared on the head of my penis, never hurt me, but I was tested for Syphilis, Herpers 1,2, HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. My X tested positive for Chlamydia, but I did not, we were dating for 2 months. I started to feel bad, sort of ill and I pushed her away, thinking that she was responsible for my discomfort. At Christmas time I was eating a lot of sweets, my body craved it like crazy, then I got muscle spasms, muscle aches and my eyes started to burn really badly, to the point that I couldn't keep them open for longer then 5 min and had to take a nap, I am very sensitive to light and smoke, and any chemicals. My hands and feet would get freezing cold, my whole body feels like it's not fire but no fever is present. I'm having problems with memory and concentration, I experience disorientation and lack of stability while standing, I feel drunk, but haven't had any alcohol in months. I get severe joint pain, to the point that I can't even think about walking or moving. My skin gets record dry, and peels of like snake, my palms are turning yellow/orange. I switched to a low carb diet as I figured out that my problem might be a fungus. I eat only meat, vegetables (non starchy) and eggs. I drink a lot of Barley grass and eat Chlorella to keep my body alkaline.
My Blood test shows WBC 10.8 -High; MCV 99 - H; Neutrophils 78 -H; Lymphs 12 Low; Neutrophils (Absolute) 8.4 -H.

It's been a year and I'm not getting any better,

Please help me!

Thank you

Dear Marek,
I can definitely help you.But i may need more details for Homeopathic individualized prescribing.
Looking forward to helping you.
Health and happiness!


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