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Hello sir, my son is 5months old and off lately he is started to get very frustrated and cranky and keeps pressing the inside of his mouth wid his hands and cries. i think he is going through the teething phase. I asked one of my cousins to go see a Homeopathy doctor and get some medicines. The doctor gave two medinces and said use the one that suits him....the medicines are
1)Bio Combination 21 Teething Troubles (SBL)
2)Calcarea  Phosphorica 6x (SBL)

the doctor is out of the country for a month and i dont know how many dose should be given. Its a bottle of tablets...kindly suggest which medicine to give and the recommended dosage pls.thank u

Dear vishal

This is a wrong question for a classical homoeopath. Because there should not be any problem for teething as this is a natural matter in life. all problems you may be seeing is because of some disease and child needs a single dose constitutional remedy than this medication being given.

but as you asked about dose only, please  take the bio comb 21, 2 pill 3 times after food.  Calc  Phos  is unnecessary as 21 already contain the needed quantity.

you can give it for a month.



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