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i am facing the  problem of the urine empty, At the time of passing urine its very pain, needs to apply more pressure,and also very urgency in urine, urine is coming very slowly. i visit the doctor, after done some tests informed that having Tight stricture at penobulbar region of urethara .

can you please help/advice  on this must be curable through homeopathy

     Please note that urethral strictures should not be taken lightly, as the back pressure of the urine can lead to frequent urinary tract infections that may damage the kidney. Also, straining to pass urine can raise the intra-abdominal pressure and cause hernias. It would be advisable for you to undergo urethral dilation, if the problem is severe. If you wish to try homeopathic medicines before opting for surgery, you can take Clematis erecta 30C and Thuja occidentalis 30C, 4 pills of each thrice daily for 15 days. Thank you.  


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