Hi Dr. Prasad,
I am 26 year old and not married. i joined gym in february this year and after 1 month i got a ankle sprain on my left foot. Doctor said it will be ok in 10 days. Pain is not there,but still some kind of sensation is still there.
I restart the gym with the gap of 2 months i.e. in June and after two days when i came home after gym,i had a little cough and felt little pain on the left side of the scrotum.i didnt go to gym after that and waited for the pain to go off for one week. After 1 week,i went to the doctor(allopathy) and he said its a varicocele and asked me to wear supporter.i am wearing supporter but very dull pain is still there on my left side. I tried homeopathy and found pain has reduced,it was like negligible but when i stopped medicine,pain came back after one week. So,i dont know what to do now ? Pain started in june and its october now,very dull pain is still there on left side. Is there any relation to that ankle sprain ? Because i can feel sensation from my left side of scrotum to the foot(left leg). I am really very worried because i have read it may cause fertility issues. Will it cause any serious problems. Please suggest what to do now ? I am very much thankful for your help.

Dear Rohit,
         Your ankle pain may or may not be related. Quite a few patients with varicocele may also suffer from varicose veins of the legs too. In such cases, the pooling of blood may give rise to pain in the ankle region, following by itching, and then ulceration, if neglected. I personally recommend the use of a T-bandage (langot) instead of a supporter because the former can be made to fit and support the scrotum snuggly, thereby reducing the discomfort to a very large extent. Please do not stop the biochemic medicines Calcarea fluoricum 3X and Ferrum phosphoricum 6X, as these are tissue salts and are absolutely harmless even if you take them lifelong. As for your fear of infertility, you can get your semen analysis done to see if your sperm count is getting affected significantly. If it is, you may have to opt for surgical correction of your varicocele. If not, you can afford to wait and watch.  


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