QUESTION: I am 50 yrs old and my husband is 60.We get tired too often.At present we both are taking REVITAL TABLETS.Is there any homeopaty medicine for this because after taking this medicine we feel that are stomachs are heavy.Please suggest me the guidelines for this.Thankyou.

ANSWER: This symptom is too general. I don't know why you are tired all the time. If you react to the Revital tablets, then stop them and try something else. Good air, clean water, nutritious food and exercise can help boost your strength. If you are chronically ill, exposed to toxins all the time or otherewise having problems with health, tiredness is just a symptom of low energy and ability of your body to cope with demands of life.
Thyroid problems can also cause tiredness,and so can liver problems and toxicity.

To use homeopathy correctly, you have to know what the real problem is - symptoms can be part of so many problems!

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QUESTION: How can I know what the real problem is?Please suggest.Thankyou.

I have no idea. The only way to find out is to take a full health history or to go to a doctor and check your thyroid, adrenals, check for other disease or problems, perhaps the liver, perhaps poor nutrition or something else.
There are so many reasons why a person can be tired all the time!


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