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QUESTION: Dear Ma'am,
I am taking calceria carb 3x and Bartya carb 3x three time a day 2 tab.and morning evening Thuja mother tincha last 6 months.
But still there is no change in size I seen.
When I asked to Dr. he said that it will take more than 1 or 2 year.
Should I still continue the medicine or take changes in medicine???
Kindly guide me....:)


ANSWER: YOu should change the potency of the remedies, especially if you saw some improvement. YOu may need a higher potency like 12C or 30C and it may work better.
Or you may need a different remedy altogether. There are many remedies for lipoma you can try: Benzoic acid, Conium, Kali iod., Graphites... can't say for sure which one you need.
Try a remedy at 12C or 30C, take daily.


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QUESTION: Thank a lot ma'am.
I have another query related to Lipoma dissolve.
Ma'am Is homeopathy medicine can be dissolved the lipoma because I never heard by any one or read it on internet.
I only read that it prevent the new formation and slow the growth those have formed.


I have seen homeopathy dissolve a brain tumor, brain cyst, fibroids and body cysts and scar tissue - so why not lipoma?

In homeopathy you have to pick the right remedy, though.
Lipoma in itself is not the problem - the REASON why you have it is the problem that needs to be solved. Once the reason is solved with homeopathy, then the lipoma itself can also resolve permanently. It can also be removed with small surgical procedure if it has calcified and is just sitting there,

Warts also fall away easily with homeopathy, so lipoma is no different.

The reason why it will not go away in some people is because the reason or cause for its appearance is not solved so it continues to produce new ones. There are many reasons for lipoma - some are purely mechanical, plugging of glands or toxic overload, others can be purely psychological - a particular kind of fear or anger; usually it is a mix of both physical organ malfunction or gland problems, together with nutrition AND mental distress.

The person with lipoma may not be aware of what is causing it because it can be something that you feel or do that seems natural or unavoidable to you, so you would not think to stop or change it. That is why the case needs to be followed by an expert who can guide you until complete cure happens!

In simple cases, a remedy or two can do the trick quickly.


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