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Homeopathy/monocular diploplia/blurriess from concussion


I got a concussion due to a car accident. My memory, left side of my brain and eye sight were affected. I have blurred vision and monocular diploplia (double vision in my right eye) Are there any supplements/remedies that can help me recover faster...especially my vision. The accident was in May 2012. This is going on too long and the vision is worsening a bit. Please help

Dear Kristi

homoeopathy is a stand alone medical system and can treat your condition. immediately what you can do is to take a single dose of Arnica 1m.  further medication needed to be based on totality of the patient. for this we need a lot of information.  this can not be done hear.  you cna use our website or visit a doctor in person in your place.



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