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A.O.A Sir!
      sir ma ap say ak question pochna chah raha tha ma pichaly 10 years say ring worms ki beamari say lar raha hue boht treatment karwaya lakin aram nae aya homeopathic treatment he karwaya pehly ring worms mari masany wali jaga par thy waha say to hat gaya han lakin ab wo pichly side par yani hipps pr ho gay ha pehly left pay tha ab right side par b ho gaya ha or boht zaya pehal gaya ha or us par boht kharish hoti ha or garmiyo may boht zayada ho jata ha or sardiyo may kam or pehly hoe jaga par motay motay danay banty han or un may shaded kharish hoti ha..................!

Hello, Dr. Saeed, you are welcome.

First of all, if possible, please write in simple English and avoid writing in roman Urdu, because it is very difficult to read and understand. However you are not bound to do this.

You have not mentioned whether you are a homeopathic doctor or otherwise, however it is your personal matter. You have not given the detail of all the treatments taken by you and which treatment is being taken presently.

Now you are requested to proceed as under:
1.   Stop all other treatments/ medications you are taking presently.
2.   Let your disease flare up and trouble you at its maximum. This may take a day or two.
3.   Now observe the time of maximum and minimum suffering.
4.   Now carefully note and write your symptoms during the peak hours and when the disease is at its lowest ebb and troubling you the least.
5.   Carefully note your mental condition, i.e., what do you feel and how do you feel your disease and sufferings, what is your mental and emotional state and reaction towards disease and sufferings (e.g., what do you think about your disease, are you hopeful about your recovery or not, or any other thoughts coming in your mind in connection with your prolonged disease and sufferings), changes in your behavior during itching/ burning, and what is your overall behavior. How do you behave with people when your itching/ suffering is at its peak and what do you want at that moment? (You must be very careful while writing - exact feelings please).
6.   Do you have some recurrent dream? If so, write it in detail.

Please reply in detail and I hope you will not suffer anymore.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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