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Homeopathy/wife diagnosed with ovarian cyst


My wife aged 27 is recently diagnosed with ovarian cyst of size 66x53x47 mm . Doc has advised her for surgery .  Plz guide us if the size given will permit us to try ayurvedic treatment as Doc told beyond 50 mm it should be removed.

Plz guide us as we plan to start family next year and very worried about it.


From A German New Medicine perspective, an ovarian cyst appears after some injury or problem with the ovary. The role of the cyst is to compensate for weakness in the ovary (for example, inability to conceive in some cases).
A cyst is a actually a healing process in the body. From beginning to end, a cyst can grow for 9 months after which it stops growing. During those 9 months, a cyst usually is connected to other adjacent tissues by blood vessels, to draw blood for its growth from them. After 9 months a cyst is completely formed and separated from all tissues (and quite easy to remove surgically if desired). Many times a cyst will burst and disappear.

There are good homeopathic remedies to reduce and clear ovarian cysts. No surgery is required at all. You can use also other natural healing methods to reduce the cyst. Unless it grows large and uncomfortable, it does not harm to the body.

Here is full information on the subject.

There are many remedies to help remove ovarian cysts. Some remedies to try:
For left ovarian cyst: Lachesis 30C
For right ovarian cyst: Apis 30C
Once a day for 2 weeks. I am not sure how you will know if a remedy worked or not without taking a look. It is best to consult with a homeopath who can take the full case and select the best remedy.

German New Medicine:  OVARY PROBLEMS

Our body responds to stress by trying to compensate and help us resolve the problem so it can go back to normal. Its priority is always survival and balance.

Ovaries respond to 2 types of conflicts:

#1   A conflict involving profound loss and grief – as in loss of a loved one. Depending on which ovary is affected, the loss can be related to the mother or children of the woman or it can be related to a partner, or any other close person in their life. Examples: the death of a loved one; sudden separation from a loved one; traumatic separation from a parent or child.

#2   Conflict with a man. The nature of this conflict is abuse, violence, arguments. Examples:  a wife being abused by her husband; a mother in constant conflict with a rebellious son; a woman charged for wrongdoing by a male prosecutor or boss.

During the conflict phase the ovary loses tissue and shrinks, and menstrual problems can follow, including loss of menses. The biological purpose of that is to “not conceive a child before the lost baby is found OR to not conceive during times of distress”.

Healing phase. Once the original conflict is resolved, the loss of ovarian tissue is restored through the growth of an ovarian cyst. It takes 9 months for a cyst to grow fully after which time it stops growing. It can burst at any time before that. If it is still in place after 9 months, it will effectively begin producing estrogen in the body. It is also easily removed at this time through surgery, not requiring the sacrifice of other organs or the ovary.

Biological purpose: to facilitate conception of new children and to strengthen the ovary in case of future repetition of the trauma.  Our body is intelligent and it always restores balance and reinforces its weak spots. In this case, the body will produce a cyst to serve as additional “ovary” for the survival of the species.

Some Ovarian Issues as per Messages from the Body by Michael Lincoln:

  “Undermined femininity” They have a great desire and need to be respected that is being prevented by a person or by the society / culture.  
    “Lovelorn.”  They are in effect love-starved and lonely.  They feel cut off from social support, appreciation, affection and acceptance.  
  “Power-avoidant.”  They are afraid of their personal potency, for fear of what would happen if they released it.  They may also be having difficulty giving birth to their identity and destiny.  
  “Tripod-rage.”  They are afraid of exploitation by the patriarchy, and they deeply resent being a woman in the paranoid patriarchal world of today.
  “Spousal problems.”  There may be significant rejection coming from their spouse figure, leading to deep pain and self-questioning regarding their nature as a feminine intimate.  


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