QUESTION: Hello dr,
I just want to ask a basic question as i have no clue whtsoever regarding hmeopathy medicins...i asked someone regarding mother tincture of damiana but d answer i got is very confusing.
Can u kindly tell d difference between:::

Centessimal & Decimal Potencies
LM Potency
Mother Tincture
Wud dere be any diffrence in deir result if damiana is taken in any of the above form?
Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Kaka,

Mother tincture is the extract from a substance in alcohol. It is not diluted, but a herbal tincture.
Centesimal potency is when a unit of a substance is diluted into 99 parts of water and shaken, to dynamize the results. This is 1C potency. If you take one part of this 1C dilution and add to it another 99 parts water + shake, you get 2C and when you take 1 part of 2C and add to it another 99 parts water and shake - you get 3C and so on for the higher C-potencies, centesimal.

Decimal potencies are made in the same manner as centessimal, expect the dilution is 1:9 (1 part original substance diluted into 9 parts water and shaken well).

LM potencies are made in a similar manner, except first the substance is prepared through trituration (a process of mixing in powder and grinding) up to the 3C potency after which you take one part of the results of that and add 500 drops (30ml) of 20% alcohol making a 1:500 dilution of the 3c. One drop of this solution is then further diluted in 99 drops of 95% alcohol, filling two thirds of a glass vial, giving a (1 in 500 x 100 = 50,000) solution. This is then succussed 100 times against a firm but elastic object (like a leather bound book) to create the LM 1 medicating liquid.

You could say that decimal potencies are relatively closer to crude substance, while anything above 12C has NO chemical molecules left of the original substance. And LMs are prepared differently and used in a slightly different way by homeopaths.

There will be a difference in effects depending on which potency you use - some may have no effect, others may be perfect and some may be too strong and cause you an aggravation (worsening).

In addition to all that, you want to make sure that Damiana is the correct remedy for you, otherwise the potencies are not even important - the wrong remedy may not work or may work partially only or may actually cause you new different symptoms.

I hope you are not too confused. Learning homeopathy can take some time, so you can learn more about what is involved.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir for relying,

Bsically i was adviced to take damiana drops 12 of them 3 times a day, for my premature ejaculation problem. (Masturbated from age 15-25-26)... N as i said i was to take damiaplant drops...bt i cant find them....i did find that helios company makes damiana, as i mentioned in 3 forms.....and im confused which one to take???

Another thing i woud want to mention is that i am suffering from constipation for many years now...i havent tried ne homeopathy medicine yet...almost half of the time i get mucus discharge when i go to toilet( in both cases while urinating and..) and after that i feel really bad pain in my lower back...whenever i think abt sex or talk abt sex...i feel i have discharged bit f mucus/white liquid.

And i sometimes get so mad, i dont know wht to do...i tried taking isbagol, i took it few times in a day sometimes with water sometimes with milk...yet after finishing many f them...as soon i stop taking it...i again have constipation.

If you can advice me how should i go about curing these conditions...i would be so so so grateful to you
Thanking you again for your help

Hello again,

There are quite a few remedies useful for constipation. I often use a combination of Opium and Alumina, both in 30C or 200C potency, taken once a day for a few days. If no effect, then there are others, but too many to list here.

I wonder if anyone has checked your prostate gland to make sure it is not causing some of your other problems. I can't suggest a remedy because it seems you have a chronic condition that may need some investigation and a course of treatment with change of remedies a few times to cover all of your needs.

Staphysagria is a good anger remedy and so is Lycopodium as well. In 200C .

As to the damiana, the best person to ask is the one who chose it for you as he or she knows why it was selected. maybe it is time to replace it with another?



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