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Dear sir/madam

Plz help me I am very much depressed
Here I am writing every thing as I know homeopathy needs detailed analysis please read

I am suffering from hairloss. I m 31 yr old single male. My weight is 51 kg, height 174 cm.fair skin color. Hair falling started when just 19 yr. my hair falls from all over scalp [ top, back , temples]. Top of scalp a little bit more effected than other. When I examine hair It dont Contain the root of hair. I think it falls just above the roots means leaving the root on the scalp or inside the scalp .my hair has been a little bit thin. New hair come but donot live many days.. I think rate of growth of hair has been decreased. I always trim my hair after one month till zero size. my scalp has not been smooth. my hair are dry and some time reoccur dandruff. To treat dandruff i use selsun shampoo.    My hair from other part such as forearm, leg , chest, [some time eyebrow, eyelid] when rub come in hand. I also have conspitation  from along time my be 13-14 yrs old. Not good bowl   movement take 15 -20 minutes in the morning. I always worry about good bowl   movement. I donot suffer from headache.
I donot have genetic disorder. Neither father nor mother side. I donot smoke. . I donot drink. I donot take fast food. Before Hair falling I had full head of hair . now  I have 30 % of my hair but have throughout scalp.

10 yrs ago I went to a skin specialist ,he reffered me minoxdil 2% but it did not suit me[seem to me irritatin for chest, eye, tension ]. I stoppet it.

Some other thing I feel much coldness in winter than other person. My hand and foot remain cold like ice . I have to warm hand and foot by heater in winter. My skin of heel  always breaks in winter. In summer I donot feel much hot. My body donot erects more sweat as I see my friends have 3 to 4 times sweat than me. Either in winter or in summer when I go for bath  i  donot feel good for first shower when it going to occur on my body , a little bit irritating or feary. After this thing there is no problem in bathing.

one tale of my life: when I was 14 yr old. One of my friend that was aprox 20 yr old told about an activity that was masturbate . he told me to try. i   did not aware about masturbate .One day I  tried it as he told . there was no semen erection on first day. I tried it after one week again. And then again there was  semen. And then I did it ocassionly, After 6 month I became suffer from night faul.  I didnot do much masturbate.. But  night faul in every week. Or 2 to 3 times in a week. There was no week without night faul. It continued 6 to 7 yr then a little bit slow till now.  and now night faul occur one time within 7 to 10 days . in last 16 years i did masturbate ocassionly not making habit .And now if I do masturbate in any of   month,  my whole body aches whole of that day since last 2 years   .I want to know from you are these thing resulted in hairloss? Is the masturbate occur very early in my life. I always think about that friend who told rubbish thing.if i get him today ,i  shoot him.

homeopathic medicine taken by me acid phos 10 m treat night faul monthly. Selenium30, at that time from  last 3 to 4 year i have tried homeo medicine such as  acid phos Q,  selenium 6x , arnica Q + jaborandi Q+ coconut oil topical, R89, SBL scalptone[ingredients- acid phos , calc phos , natrum mur, floric acid,badiaga], natrum mur30,  Allumina 30, lycopodium, for 3 to 4 months  to stop hairfall. but none of above medicine stopped hairfall. I think , am i not using right medicine for a limit of duration?

i  request you please analyse my problem, and please  refer remedy which can solve my hairfall problem and can get hair back. Plz  plz..help me I am very much depressed

Many Many Thanks for reading my lenthy post.

Hii Sahil,

 For hairfall control, you'll need to treat masturbation habit. Take following medicines:

1. Lachesis 200

2. Picric Acid 200

3. Ignatia 200

4. Natrum mur. 200

4 Pills Each Medicine x 4 Times Daily x 15 Days

Come after 15 days

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