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Hello sir,
I have a query for you.I would be grateful if you can answer it as soon as possible.Here is my question,

If there are two remedies for certain condition(problem) say remedy A and remedy B.Remedy A is 90 percent matching to my personality in  order to treat that problem and remedy B is 80 percent matching to treat that problem.Then what will be the impact of the remedy B in the treatment of that condition if its high potency dose is taken say 200c..Will it remain totally ineffective? or have some adverse effects? or treat some of the symptoms or will remain suppress the problem for some time.please reply soon.

You have raised several points in a single paragraph. Let me answer these points one by one.

1.   Being similar, remedy B will not remain ineffective, neither will it have any adverse effects nor will it suppress the symptoms. It will CURE. Being partially indicated, it will have limited effect - to the extent it is similimum.
2.   Being similar to the disease, remedy B will cure some symptoms even if it is given in 200 potency. You should remember that the potency must correspond with the nature and intensity of the disease. Too high potencies may also suppress the disease read para 276.
3.   If there are two remedies competing equally for certain condition: you are advised to read para No. 169 of organon. (Para No. 161, 162, 163, 180, and 181 are also helpful).
4.   What happens when indicated remedy is given in too high potency or too frequently: Read para No. 276.
5.   How suppression takes place. Please read Organon by Dr. S.  Hahnemann, para No. 36 to 40. In your case the suppression will not take place because both the remedies are similimum, even if partially.

I hope I have answered all your points clearly, with additional information and reading material to help you further.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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