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hello sir.i am rafsan.take my good wishes.i am an well wisher of you
and today i am asking for help from you for some great diseases of
mine.i have ruined my life due to a bad habit of me.doctor i am only
18 but i am facing serious sexual disorders.i have had the habit of
bed and pillow humping since i was 10.it is the worst technique of
musterbation.now i am facing great problems with my sex life.my
symptoms made me very much frustrate.i have a belief in my heart that
only you can help me at this stage of my life.
I found the following symptoms in me-
1.small size of penis.it is 2" when normal and 5" when erect and it is
so weak and thin.
2.sluggishness,feebleness,curvature of penis.
3.blood vessel and nerves of penis lost their elasticity and blood can
not store long.
4.erectile dysfunction this is the most terrible and main problem.i
can't achieve erection.
5.pain in my penis when it is erect.my erection is weak but when i try
to achieve full erection i feel pain in my penis.i think i have
damaged some penis muscles.
6.pain under penis head.
7.loss of memory and poor brain perfomance(please note)
8.complete loss of libido.
9.low testosterone level and low sperm count.
10.premature ejaculation.i can't hold my orgasm more than 30 seconds.
11.some fluid discharge from my penis when i am sexually aroused.
12.no improvement in my body growth for last 3 years.
13.pain in testicles.i think they are small too.
Now you are my only hope sir.please study my symptoms with heart and
prescribe me the best remedies for a complete cure and take my

Dear Rafsan,
         Your problems seem to be related to reduced testicular function. Are you suffering from varicocele by any chance or have your testes reduced in size on their own? Have you been examined by a doctor? If you do have low testosterone levels and suffer from all the problems that you have described, I suggest that you start taking a mixture of Damiana, Withania somnifera, and Sabal serrulalta mother tinctures (all three in equal proportions), taking 15 drops of the mixture in half a glass of water three times daily for two months. Also, take Staphysagria 30C, 4 pills twice daily for the same time duration. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. This should help to gradually recover. During this treatment, please avoid any form of sexual activity. Thank you.


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