doc please help i think i have spermatorhea.
Im 22 years old 6 ft in height and weight is 70 kg.

I used to masturbate alot in the past and the affects of over masturbation are showing up. I have seminal leakage occurring randomly everyday and a few drops 2 - 3 of liquid comes out when im sitting or lying or talking to my fiance (mostly happens) or after urinating sometimes.

Due to this i have pain in my lower back, general weakness, severe pain in whole back and ribs that i cnt sleep on my back i sleep on my stomache, pain in my leg (groin area) i cnt walk properly but recently it has improved a bit i can walk properly, i have hairfall and recently eyesight has become weak. And one thing more few months back i culdnt even get to make my back straight i used to walk with my back slightly bent bcuz of pain in my back muscles but that have improved a little.

I have stopped masturbating from 1 month and started drinking milk and taking zinc supplements. But its not improving.

Please suggest me medicine that can stop this leakage and elimiate this pain in my back and make me healthy from inside.

Hello Husnain, you are welcome

You have multiple complaints, and these are not merely the after effects of masturbation. You need a proper treatment and your case requires thorough investigation. Moreover your case requires relatively long treatment to stabilize your condition. You are advised to consult a local homeopathic doctor and get proper treatment.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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